Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Metaverse on a platform at the service of Football.

Project that tokenize clubs and players activities trought a combination of different markets with global impact: Video games and football, merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.

It is a BLOCKCHAIN solution

Decentralized Football Investments and funding Eco-System Based in a meritocratic Platform.

Global decentralize platform to assets young players performances.

We aim to build a distributed meritocratic transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower youth players’ skills.


Netscouters is a platform for the future of football funding that use Blockchain Power and assets Tokenization.

Our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

NETSCOUTERS PLATFORM is a decentralized and transparent marketplace of Players and clubs based on Tokens. The decentralization of amateur football in our platform marketplace will help to ensure that clubs, with their youth players activities, has access to global financing.

With our platform, Amateur clubs will be able to receive support from investors, Brands and Professional Football Clubs.


Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can evaluate and mange all your club players performance statistics. Platform’s mobile version allow anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection records players, evaluate them, record club matches and  participate in this global football marketplace.

ai automated camera production and video Streaming Platform

NETSCOUTERS platform will use an AI AUTOMATED CAMERA PRODUCTION for match and player performance recording. Platform will integrate video streaming technology that can allow Amateur Clubs to have their own channel (pay per view or streaming) that create contents. Monetize their content behind a paywall, integrate Google DFP for advertisement insertion, or gather valuable data from viewers using lead capture.

Football Market Place

In the NETSCOUTERS marketplace brands and sports sponsors will be able to sell their products directly to our community, which will be made up of millions of people from all over the world.

Our platform will be open for all that Brands of sports equipment, but also for other different products such as construction and maintenance of sports infrastructure, rental of vehicles for transporting the teams, petrol, bills payment etc.

Every transaction will be done directly from club /player wallet to brands wallet in our tokens.

Netscouters Market Place

With NETSCOUTERS platform Clubs will get extraordinary results.

What opportunity could the club identify?

They can manage a budget that allows them to cover costs such as:


Official equipment

Infrastructure maintenance


Compensation coach expenses

And all that daily based activities that are generating costs


Football for Children, Football for Everyone.

Football is not a matter of privileges, but of rights. As accredited by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, football is a universal language of millions of people around the world, including children and adolescents, regardless of their place of origin, language they speak or religion to which they belong.


NETSCOUTERS METAVERSE is an entire soccer universe developed on the blockchain.
This is the starting point of a new paradigm in the sports ecosystem, decentralized and of which you can actively participate in multiple ways.
The metaverse of Netscouters combines all the potential of the real platform world and passes them on to the virtual world making sure that real and virtual come together, offering the user a unique experience.


First web based version has been released by the end of 2017.


We already have Hundreds of kids on it, but everything is

going to change.

If you want to see and use our prototype please send an email to:

Unforgettable milestones characterized the story of Netscouters in the last 3 years, but the future is yet to come with new goals to be achieved.

Roadmap Achivement

Netscouters Funded

July 1, 2016

Concept validation and development began

September 3, 2016

Launch of First Web Version

April 4, 2017

Test Starts

April 30, 2017

Pilot start with Italian Teams

September 30, 2017

Blockchain concept validation

November 1, 2017

Project Roadmap


New Version Pilot setup

01/10/2021 – 31/04/2022


01/12/2021 – 31/12/2022

Start project with first Prof. Football clubing


Crowdfunding Marketing & Event

31/01/2022 – 31/04/2022

Development of Blockchain Platform


Global Platform Launch and Alpha TesT


Marketing Campaign (Italy, Spain and U.K marketing campaign start)


First Football Season Starts


Rest of Europe´s Marketing Campaign Starts


First Football Season Investors Process Open


USA and South America Marketing Starts

Q1, 2024

Asia / Pacific Marketing Start

Q2, 2024

New Worldwide Fotball Season Starts

Q4, 2024

New Sports Entries Process Start

Q1, 2025


The Netscouters Team combines a passion for SPORT, IT industry experTise & proven record in finance & marketing.

Board Members


Founder CEO - Entrepreneurs- Alumni McKinsey & Co

Massimiliano Adami

CO-Founder - Entrepreneurs- Ex Profesional Football Player - Como Italian Serie A

Julian Garcia

Ext. Adv. Entrepreneurs Business Developer - Strategic Plans FIFA projects

Alfredo Roger

Partner Entrepreneurs
Business developer

Team Members

Frederic Lebrun

Marketing Entrepreneur at Henzo - Project Marketing Manager

Cristian Adami

Ex Football Professional Player Turin Italian Serie A - Football Project Manager

Rolando Gorgoglione

Argentina second Division Coach - South America Project Manager

Antonello Vasciarelli

Professional Freelance Scout

Juan Carlos Garcia



Francisco Hernández Marcos

Digital Marketing & Business advisor,-Ex. Real Madrid Digital Strategy Director - Alumni McKinsey & Co

Netscouters Providers

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